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A Uniprix-Affiliated Pharmacy in Bromont



Jacques De Laganière

Carole Labranche

Minh Anh Chu

Sophal Pak


For all your pharmacy needs, head to the Laganière pharmacy in Bromont. Here, you will be able to take advantage of high quality, personalized pharmacy services. You can pick up your prescriptions here, and you have the option of renewing your prescriptions online. We also offer prescription delivery, home health care services, chronic disease follow-up and medication therapy management. Cutting edge technologies enable our reliable to staff to fill your prescriptions in a fast, professional, and accurate manner.


Uniprix de Laganière also offers you a beauty boutique and self-service photo booth, where you can have your passport photo, ID photo or other photo taken.


We strive to provide optimal service to our clients and meet their needs in the best way possible. Our store is open morning to late evening, 7 days per week, to accommodate our customers’ busy schedules. For fast and reliable services, stop by Uniprix in Bromont: we have everything you need!


If you are also looking for a medical clinic in Bromont, there is one directly connected to our pharmacy.


Methods of Payment

Master Card
American Express
Interac Direct Payment

Contact Us


A101-82 Blvd. de Bromont, Bromont, QC, J2L 2K3







Business Hours

Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 9 PM

Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM

General Services

  • Aeroplan

  • Gift cards

  • Passport photo

  • ID Photo

  • Beauty Boutique

  • Dermo-cosmetic centre

  • Self-service photo booth

  • Parking


Pharmacy Services

Home health care

  • Rental program - Crutches

  • Rental program - Walkers

  • Rental program - Canes

  • Rental program - Wheelchairs


Delivery and automatic renewal

  • Online prescription renewals

  • Delivery service

  • Automatic phone renewal


Follow-up on chronic diseases

  • Anticoagulant therapy

  • Diabetes – Glycemia (blood sugar) testing

  • Diabetes – Follow-up consultation

  • Cholesterol – Levels measurement and follow-up consultation

  • Hypertension – Follow-up consultation

  • Hypertension – Blood pressure testing

  • Hypertension – Blood pressure testing booth


Collective prescriptions

  • Head lice treatment

  • Nicotine replacement therapy


Medication therapy management

Pill organizer

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